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Ms. Carly Mohler and her endearing work in wellness and oriental medicine

Carly Mohler’s inspiring journey to becoming a Leading Acupuncturist in Santa Fe, NM

Originally from Virginia, Carly’s studies and interest in Asian culture took her up North to Southeast Asia, then to the Southwest, and finally back to Santa Fe 22 years later. With a huge interest in health and fitness and everything international, Carly has fine-tuned all her passions into the work she does now.

Decades of transformational wisdom

Having trained at the oldest massage school in the United States, the Swedish Institute, and receiving one of the best Chinese Medicine educations in the United States as well, at Daoist Traditions of Chinese Medical Arts, Carly is passionate about the work she does. The quality and depth of her understanding are conveyed from the moment a session begins.

Her vision for Michi Acupuncture Clinic

An avid weightlifter, hiker, cyclist, and yogi, Carly understands firsthand where blockages can accumulate in the body and what it takes to feel balanced again.

Her study of breathwork and meditation from teachers in Thailand and India helps create another layer to her work. Carly’s sessions range from relaxation, care for a specific problem area, or simply to feel physically and emotionally aligned. Dietary and herbal recommendations are also part of her treatments, as well as the recent addition of Microneedling for facial rejuvenation.

Education & Credentials

Diplomate of Acupuncture – NCCAOM

Doctor of Oriental Medicine – New Mexico

Licensed Acupuncturist – Virginia 

Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts

Associate Degree in Occupational Studies from the Swedish Institute, College of Health Science

Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University

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