How we differ

Most holistic acupuncture healing methods

focus on results and improvements

We focus on aftercare.


We firmly believe that our treatment doesn’t end with our clinic sessions, as real healing takes time and requires consistent work.


We emphasize the right preparation as it’s indispensable to accrue the right results. From diet and clothing to bedside manners, we ensure that our clients are well informed in advance.

Post-Care & Follow-ups

Our lifestyle advice, herbal, and diet recommendations play a huge role in nurturing the body’s self-healing agility and achieving desired results.

One-on-one consultation & Service

We don’t package our services. Our therapists focus on one client at a time, and our services are highly personalized and premium, as is our pricing.


Discover what makes us among the best healing exponents in Santa Fe with an unflinching focus on integrated wellness.


We believe in an open communication process and educate the client so that they can make informed decisions.


We partner with doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals to improve our results.


We take hygiene seriously. Hand hygiene, air quality, client education, disposable needles, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to name a few.

Upfront Cost

We make sure customers are informed about the duration of the service and the costs involved well in advance. There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

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